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Recognised courses

The courses, seminars and conferences organised by the Swiss Safety Center Academy are recognised by VKF, SGAS and CZV. Swiss Safety Center AG is also the representative agency in Switzerland for the Confederation of Fire Protection Associations Europe (CFPA-E). Participants can earn an internationally recognised certificate by attending selected courses and passing the relevant examination (written and oral).


Some exam preparation courses are subsidised by the Swiss government. Find out more about this here

Learning platform

The Swiss Safety Centre Academy manages a digital learning platform that can be accessed on any device – all you need is an internet connection. It provides all course materials – from documents to exercises – all in one place. The personnel certification examinations are also organised via this learning platform.
Businesses can also use the learning platform to access the many different e-learning courses developed by the Swiss Safety Center. 


The professional development courses at the Swiss Safety Center Academy are based on modern learning methods. The combination of e-learning and our tried-and-tested in-person teaching sessions enables you to achieve the most from your learning in a way that suits you best. After getting to grips with the basics in the e-learning component, you’ll reinforce what you’ve learned through in-person teaching. 
On request, we can also create an e-learning course tailored to your organisation’s exact requirements.