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Fire protection specialist with federally accredited certificate

The requirements to be met by fire protection officers have become ever more complex and numerous due to modern construction methods and new technologies. For this professional development qualification, we offer a course and exam preparation sessions that are subsidised by the government.

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Specialist for health and safety in the workplace with federally accredited certificate

Complex tasks help to expand and consolidate your knowledge. We will prepare you as effectively as possible for the professional examination. The government will assist you with the financing for your course. 

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Fire protection expert, preparatory course for the examination to attain a federally accredited diploma

Are you planning to take the examination to become a federally accredited fire protection expert? This 10-day preparatory course is designed to help you pass your exam. Financial assistance is available from the government. 

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Grants for federal exam preparation courses.

A brief explanation of funding

Labor Market Scholarships of the City of Zurich

Labor Market Scholarships (AMS) provide assistance to individuals who meet the necessary eligibility requirements and wish to pursue continuing education that will benefit the labor market or improve their employability.

The regulation for labor market scholarships stipulates that further education must be necessary, appropriate and justifiable. Whether these criteria are met is assessed individually for each application. Labor market scholarships are therefore generally open to all participants.

Further information can be found on the website of the City of Zurich.

The following requirements must be met according to the City of Zurich erfüllt sein:

  • You have been living in the city of Zurich for 2 years without interruption at the start of the continuing education program
  • You are fit for work and have not yet reached retirement age
  • More than 5 years of work experience
  • The last training qualification was completed 3 years ago
  • No possibility of financing the further education by yourself